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19 Piece Manicure Set

R 149.00

If you love taking care of your appearance, then our manicure set is perfect for you! We offer everything you need in one! 

19 manicure accessories come in a case, polyvinyl, 180 x 130 x 20mm, and includes:

1 x mirror

1 x tweezer

1 x cuticle pusher

1 x cuticle scraper

1 x cuticle cutter 

1 x cuticle tip pusher 

1 x cuticle trimmer

1 x clipper large,

1 x clipper small

1 x nail scissors

1 x nail clipper

1 x nail file 

1 x nail buffer 

1 x blush brush 

1 x lip brush 

1 x eyeshadow brush 

1 x eye shadow sponge 

1 x large lip brush 

1 x brow brush 

19 Piece Manicure Set

R 149.00