100% Natural and biodegradable
Grey-water safe
Made purely from plants

Our Story, Our Promise

Daily we use skin products without considering the ingredients in them. We let water flow down the drain without thinking about the consequences of what actually goes with it. But, there are choices that are 100% natural and reduce our impact on water resources.

100% natural ingredients

Shea butter

A natural remedy for dry skin as it nourishes and protects the skin’s natural oils.

Coconut oil

Deep-cleansing properties that soothes the skin without the use of harmful chemicals.

Cacao pod & seed

A natural moisturiser that hydrates the skin to keep it moist and improves elasticity.


A rejuvenating essential oil that balances the skin’s natural oils leaving it clearer and healthy.


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Customer Testimonials

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4.33 average rating
9 reviews

Love this!


Verified Customer

It works really well for the skin. It exfoliates really gently and my skin feels super soft afterwards.


Verified Customer

A good alternative to plastic sponges. Firm, yet gentle enough for skin. It's smaller than I anticipated.


Verified Customer

Smaller than I thought. But when used it was a great sponge


Verified Customer

Great quality, good for every day non abrasive deep cleansing


Verified Customer

I love it, just make sure you find out how to properly use one of these on Google first


Verified Customer

This is a very soft exfoliator where it appeared to me as a rough enough sponge for deep cleaning? It's a nice sponge and very soft and probably cleans well. It just isn't what I thought it was. I thought it would be rough enough to exfoliate hair after a wax etc.


Verified Customer

Already bought 3. Looks like rocks when dry and it is very neat. When wet soaks up soap very well and it is soft to wash with.


Verified Customer

This makes a lovely face sponge, but is definitely too small to use on your body as advertised. If there was a bigger sponge for all over body use, I would definitely purchase it, as it is a nice product, just very small.


Verified Customer