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Eco Lifestyle has embarked on a journey towards taking active measures towards the need for being environmentally and socially conscious in our daily operations by being committed to innovation and continuously striving to evolve to be more environmentally friendly – from our product to packaging to freight.


Humble Beginnings

However as we have grown since our humblest beginnings it has become clear that the world of sustainability is not as transparent as it may seem and so as a company we could not exist without the incredible people who work within our office, distribution centre and manufacturers of our products. We believe it would be against our ethics to not ensure the entire process is in line with our mission.

Thus, we have a personal relationship with our factories, which are located in Africa, Asia and Europe. Which enables us to supply locally and globally. Our team has spent time, seeking the latest sustainable materials and innovations but also ensuring that we work with manufacturers who promote ethical working conditions. 

Our Choice of Sustainable Materials






Reclaimed Wood 


Recycled polyester


Recycled PET bottle polyester



Hardshell Luggage Case on 360° Spinner Wheels with Combination Lock and Cosmetic Bag - Red

Our Story, Our Promise

As a company, we did take one step further by employing a new member of the Eco Lifestyle team (Hi Jasmine!) based in China who works personally within the factory testing quality control and standards all year round. We always strive for our team and factory to receive fair pay and work in an ethical, safe and happy environment.

Going forward we are actively inviting local brands to sell on our website, while we follow a never-ending process of sourcing reusable and sustainable materials. We have taken accountability in making changes to our packaging. We’re not perfect, we still use plastic but we hope to always find ways to find realistic solutions.

How We Personally Make A Difference 



Our head office and warehouse employ energy-saving efforts and our delivery structure is moving towards being eco-conscious. In place of traditional lighting, we utilise energy-efficient LEDs with motion sensors to ensure the facilities are only illuminated when they are in use. Solar panels have been installed to generate electricity for the facility.



We focus on using scooters for smaller orders locally in Cape Town as not only allows quicker delivery time but useless fuel which enables us to reduce the numberof carbon emissions released into the ozone layer.



We focus on making conscious choices daily to reduce our waste, plastic, and pollution and better material choices and manufacturing choices. We reuse all our packaging when customers return it and all our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable. We use cardboard boxes as they are environmentally, socially and economically beneficial. 

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” –  Mahatma Gandhi


Eco Lifestyle international has a verified Bureau Veritas procedure of Labratory Testing and a Bureau Veritas verification of REACH compliance. We comply with the European Union regulation by passing the reports on ensuring no toxic chemicals and ethical procedures are used throughout our supply chain and in our products.

Countries We Source From

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