Stop the Stink with Natural Deodorant

Stop the Stink with Natural Deodorant

Odourless Armpits, Naturally!

In a world where chemical-laden products dominate the personal care market, it's refreshing to find a brand that priorities natural ingredients and environmental consciousness. Meet Gonn., our revolutionary "anti-odourant" designed to prevent odours naturally, without compromising on your skin's health or our planet's well-being. As opposed to the traditional antiperspirant, Gonn. prefers to label themselves an “anti-odourant”. Anti-stain, anti-aluminium, anti-paraben, anti-alcohol and anti-stink! in this blog, we will explore the story7 behind Gonn., its unique features, and the endless benefits of choosing natural armpit care!

What is Gonn?

Gonn. was born with a clear mission - to challenge the harmful norms of traditional deodorant and create an innovative solution that respects the bodies natural process of perspiring. Gonn. founders recognised the harmful effects of chemical-laden products on our skin and the environment, prompting them to develop this 100% natural and vegan alternative! Unlike store bought antiperspirants that block your sweat glands, Gonn. focuses on tackling the core problem of sweating: the smell! Instead of fighting an endless and harmful battle of stopping your body from producing sweat, Gonn. rather works with your body instead of against it by balancing the microbiome that cause an odour when you sweat. 


How is gonn. better for me than traditional deodorant?

Instead of stopping the chemicals our bodies naturally produce when we sweat (which are necessary for our body to emit), Gonn. encourages our body's natural process of sweating without excelling it, and focuses rather on balancing these chemicals to avoid the stink. Gonn. Is free of harmful chemicals that are present in most store-bought deodorants and is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. With 100% vegan and natural ingredients, Gonn. is kind to your skin and won't cause any irritation. Traditional antiperspirants also contain aluminium, which is a chemical linked to causing and worsening cancer (the last thing you want to be spraying/rolling on such a densely pored part of your body). On a less aggressive note, even if your traditional antiperspirant doesn’t cause life-threatening disease, it could be life-threatening for our planet…

How is gonn. better (and necessary) for the environment?

Being 100% vegan and fragrance, paraben & aluminium-free, Gonn. not only masks odours but is also much kinder to the environment than traditional deodorants that emit harmful chemicals into the air. As deodorant is something you use in your everyday life and for many is a necessity in their self-care routine, it is important to factor in the planet and how our daily acts affect it. Next time you find yourself needing a deodorant refill, we encourage you to give this ‘anti-odourant’ a try by purchasing through this link. 

As something you use every day of your life and even multiple times a day, ditching the harmful chemicals may be something to consider. Rather than trying to combat our natural act of sweating (which detoxes the body and is completely necessary for our health), Gonn. works with your body instead of against it. With a completely natural, chemical free and amazingly innovative formula, Gonn. focuses on the smell of your sweat rather than trying to prevent you from producing sweat. After applying your Gonn. in the morning, your body will go on with its natural act of perspiration, but the stink will be no more!


The Benefits of Gonn. Natural Anti-Odourant 

Chemical-Free and Safe. Gonn. is entirely free from harmful ingredients making it safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. Embrace armpit confidence without the risk of irritation or chemical reactions!

Environmentally Conscious. Gonn. is not only dedicated to the health of your pits but it is also committed to the health of our Planet. By not using harmful chemicals, this anti-odourant prevents the release of pollutants into our air and water systems, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment!

Working With Your Body. Gonn. supports your bodies natural process of sweating as it is essential for natural toxin release and pore detox. Instead of blocking your sweat glands, Gonn. allows your body to perspire but ensures a naturally fresher and more balanced scent.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Gonn. proudly stands against animal testing and uses only plant-based ingredients, ensuring that no animal (or pit) is harmed in the making or using of their product. 


Furthermore, as a proud member of 1% For the Planet, we donate 1% of all our sales to this organisation who is committed to environmental causes. Meaning every purchase of Gonn. natural anti-odourant through our website will contribute to environmental projects and research that aims to preserve and restore the health of our planet for future generations. Join our anti-odourant revolution and explore our range of anti-stink Gonn. products available on our website.

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Sweat naturally, stay fresh responsibly - with Gonn. natural anti-odourant!