Sustainable Sipping with Hunu!

Sustainable Sipping with Hunu!

"Designed to go where life takes you"

16 billion is a massive number to even try write out, never mind the visual of 16 billion cups. This is how many one-use cups are used and disposed of each year. This seems quite an unnecessary number in this day and age where cars are driving themselves and robots are writing our essays, don’t you think? Well, we absolutely do! This is why we have added Hunu to our online store and hope to encourage our customers to make the switch to sustainable sipping.

Aligning with our core value of making sustainable shopping a choice through affordability and accessibility, we are thrilled to welcome Hunu to our Eco offerings. Hunu has a “one cup at a time” ethos which encourages people to think small when it comes to making sustainable switches. This means thinking small enough to hold weight for your individual efforts toward the bigger picture, even for the smallest switches in your everyday life.

Besides being sustainable, affordable and completely necessary for our planet, Hunu reusable cups are also leakproof, compatible and insanely cool! Designed to be as stylish as they are functional, your Hunu cup is the perfect accessory for a morning walk in the city but also a necessity for a morning walk in the mountains. Hunu was made to fit into your life (quite literally – it fits in your pocket!), no matter what your lifestyle may be! Simply fold your Hunu when you’re done sipping and slip it into your pocket or bag until your next sipping adventure.

A coffee date. A morning swim. A cycle to the shops. A mountain adventure. Wine at any time of the day. 

We see Hunu as more of a companion than an accessory. Made with the highest quality food safe silicone, Hunu cups are BPA free, leakproof and collapse small enough to be stored away in your pocket. With an innovative and versatile design, your Hunu cup can be used for any sipping occasion. Wine at the park, water on a walk or coffee with your morning swim, your Hunu is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. A cup truly designed for those that love life and truly living it – preserving the planet and in turn preserving the joys we get from exploring it!

Preserving our planet one cup at a time. It’s cool to sip sustainably!

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