Natural Beauty at Your Fingertips

Natural Beauty at Your Fingertips

We are ecstatic to announce our partnership with Sustainable Strings!

A necessary initiative powered through passion, Sustainable Strings was founded with the aim of uplifting a community by sculpting their already existing skills into something profitable. The founder, Karin, had lived in multiple different countries and had called each "Home" through a sense of belonging and community. All the places along the way that made Kim feel at home happened to be developing countries. Through her acceptance and belonging in these communities, she felt a calling and commitment to help and uplift these places she called home. 

"Sustainability starts at Home" comes to mind, but not in the traditional sense of ditching plastic bags and one-use straws, but rather in a sense of placing the building blocks of sustainable improvement in a community. Luckily, these building blocks already existed in the communities Karin felt called to help. Though, they just needed some direction and placement to become strong foundations of community growth. This is where Sustainable Strings were born, and Silk Beauty Cocoons were created.

Part of the conscious and slow living movement, Sustainable Strings has a no machines, no factory, no chemicals and no electricity policy. Crafted by hand, Silk Beauty Cocoons are made from the remnants of broken silk cocoons which would otherwise go to waste. Laced with skin-boosting proteins, natural anti-ageing elements, hydration minerals and exfoliating properties, Silk Beauty Cocoons leave your face feeling smooth, refreshed and luminous!

The natural proteins found in silk are Sericin and Fibroin, which have a very similar mineral composition to the Collagen fibres that keep our faces hydrated and our cells healthy. Sericin works to form a protective layer on our skin to promote hydration while Fibroin works to repair our skin barrier and preserve healthy cells. Fibroin also contains a high percentage of Glycine and Alanine, which are bound to our skin cells as they are absorbed, resulting in skin rejuvenation and illumination!

Silk Beauty Cocoons promote 'Beauty' in all its forms: the Beauty of healthy skin, the Beauty of helping a community, the Beauty of nature's medicine and the Beauty of a sustainable lifestyle!

Welcoming Sustainable Strings natural Beauty Cocoons to our Eco Offerings! Explore natural illumination, now live on our website.