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ECO's alternatives to plastic straws

The best eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws

It is estimated that more than 500 million single-use plastic straws are used and tossed each and every day. Now I don’t know about you, but that seems a waste for something that the vast majority of us only use for a matter of minutes and frankly, don’t even need.

With that in mind, think about it, do we really need them? Except for people with certain medical needs, nobody actually needs a straw to consume beverages, smoothies, etc. Instead, people have just been conditioned to using them.

For example, have you ever been to a restaurant and the waiter does not bring you a straw with your drink order? The first time it happened you may have been thinking “Where’s my straw”, but after time you realise you don't really need it.

Let's get down to business so what are the ideal options to alleviate this wicked problem? 

Single-Use Alternatives

If the convenience of “single-use” is what got you addicted to plastic straws in the first place and you are planning on having a dinner or a party, so you need disposable straws we then we suggest on using our paper straws.

The most popular and widely available compostable option is going to be paper straws, like the ones we offer for celebrations such as our tropical paper straws, and stripe paper strawsOur paper straws come in a variety of colours and patterns. 

Note that our straws are for one use only. They are designed for brining more life and style to an event. The downside? Paper straws get soft and soggy after sitting in liquid for long periods of time. But if you don’t nurse your drink then you should be just fine. 


If you’re looking for a more all-natural looking alternative to your single-use plastic straws then consider going through our friendly route. These straws are in fact paper straws. However, the focus on an all-natural, biodegradable, and sustainably grown and harvested approach. Keep reading below.

ECO's premium quality paper drinking straws are made from three sturdy layers for extra durability compared to general paper straws. They are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable paper. It is also 100% bleach-free making it the perfect straw to lower your carbon footprint. It has a rustic and a natural style which makes it the perfect decoration for any event. We suggest you take a look at our other options too including: natural paper straws, natural party pack paper straws, unbleached craft paper straws and ice-cream paper straws. The images below showcase them to get a better idea of them. 

Reusable Alternatives


I’ll say this… Our reusable glass straws, look classy. They’re sleek, they clean easily and are dishwasher safe for top-rack. If you do decide to go the glass straw-route be sure to spring on a quality as made from borosilicate glass which is the strongest that’s commercially available. 

ECO's set of four straws, comes with a cleaning brush. It is 20 cm long from top to bottom. Great for cold and hot beverages. Ideal replacement for general straws, as made of borosilicate which is free of heavy metals, non-toxic and BPA free, making it eco-friendly, durable, reusable and dishwasher safe (max 40°c). 

The downside? They’re made of glass, and glass can shatter (but for what it’s worth I had my first glass straw for 7 months and dropped it multiple times before it came to that). They’re not biodegradable. However, they are recyclable. 


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