Our Summer Menu: Cocktails, Mocktails and Party Games!

Our Summer Menu: Cocktails, Mocktails and Party Games!

The sun may melt the ice, but our selection of festive games and glassware will break it!
With a wide variety of glassware to elevate your Summer gatherings and a selection of party games to break the ice and keep the party going, we have everything you need to be the hostess with the mostest this season! Browse and shop our collection of glassware and festive games to elevate your summer sessions.

Seeing as we’ve provided you with the glasses to hold your drinks and the games to keep the drinks flowing, it’s only fair that we share with you our favourite summer drink recipes!  *Simply leave out the alcohol for a mocktail version or swop it with your favourite soda.
Watermelon Margarita (best served in our Diamond Cut drinking glasses)
Watermelon Dacquiri (best served in our Hurricane drinking glasses)
Frozen Summer Slush (best served in our Gin & Tonic glasses)
Sangria, Sangria (best served in our Crystal Red Wine glasses)
Non-alcoholic version:
Mint Julep (best served in our Whiskey glasses)
*Replace whiskey with ginger ale for a refreshing non-alcoholic version.
Speyside Sipper (best served in our Cognac glasses)
*Replace whiskey with ginger ale for a tangy non-alcoholic version.
Pair these cocktails/mocktails with our selection of premium glassware for a sophisticated presentation and keep the drinking flowing with our selection of festive party and drinking games.
Happy sipping and spinning, Eco Family!
*Eco Lifestyle does not endorse underage drinking nor encourage the abuse of alcohol. Please enjoy responsibly.


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