Summer is here, and so are our new arrivals!

Summer is here, and so are our new arrivals!

The theme when curating these new offers was sunshine, adventure, family, nature and, as always, sustainability. We truly feel like our new additions to our offering reflects these themes and we hope you feel the same! At Eco Lifestyle, our product sourcing and development team aims to bring in products that encourage a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle. Through these incentives, our offerings have something for everyone whether you prefer to spend your days off on the beach, camping, gardening, or catching up with friends and family!

What exactly has been added to our website? Here’s a breakdown of our new products that are now available and how we curated them through our summer themes:

SUNSHINE: We now offer foldable beach and pool loungers to optimize your tanning sessions, fun and functional beach bags for all your essentials, beach tents to offer shade on the harsher days, and so much more! Inspired by long summer days in the sun, these new products cover all the summer essentials and beyond!

ADVENTURE: Our new range of foldable camping chairs, multifunctional cooler bags, hiking backpacks and outdoor dining tables was designed to get you outdoors without compromising on comfort or convenience. Browse our camping collection for our new and existing outdoor products!

FAMILY: Something for everyone! Designed to elevate your hosting game or chill days at home, we have brought in products the whole family will love. Braai tools and grills for summer days at home, glassware for cocktails by the pool and outdoor furniture for catch-ups in the fresh air. And of course, we didn’t forget about your furry family! We have brought in a new range of pet essentials and toys for your 4-legged family.

NATURE: All the beauty and benefits of adding greenery to your home, without the hassle! We have added a range of artificial plants and flowers to our offering which have been thoughtfully selected to look and feel as botanically accurate as possible. Bonsais, Petunias, Alocasias, Orchids, Monsteras, and succulents just to name a few! Add these to any room as a space filler or statement piece to bring a touch of nature into your home!

SUSTAINABILITY: This is not a new theme for us at Eco Lifestyle. As our name suggests, we try source the most sustainable products in terms of both the environment and affordability for our customers. We are pleased to introduce our range of compact greenhouses to our offering! Encouraging self-sustainability, these greenhouses will cut both your environmental impact and your grocery bill.

Browse and shop all of these exciting and innovative new offerings!