Better together for our planet


About us

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2020. Eco Lifestyle is an eco-conscious based online store that prides itself on diverse collections from a green home to an outdoor lifestyle. We make sustainability easily accessible for people.


Conscious commitment

We look at consumption as an ongoing effect on people and the planet. Therefore our team is committed to sourcing products in terms of ethics and sustainability to encourage our customers to make conscious choice in favour of our planet and our well-being.


Meet our founder

Meet Luciano. His personal values reflect in his company as he strives to do good for the people and for the planet. Committed to creating a brand made to inspire your lifestyle by giving back to the natural environment, using renewable materials where possible while creating local jobs in Cape Town. He also loves cold ocean dips and hiking.


What we are solving

"Our story began in 2020 when I founded Eco Lifestyle at 22 years old. I was inspired by the belief that everyone should have easy accessibility to sustainable alternatives. The vision was to replace the unnecessary use of plastic in restaurants and supermarkets with biodegradable paper cups, plates and birchwood cutlery.

Today, our mission is to educate a need for positive change in everyone's daily lifestyle choices to inspire more people to shop consciously. I was driven to establish Eco Lifestyle as a one-stop shop of ethically sourced essentials from home to outdoor living needs that positively impact one's lifestyle while preserving the planet.

Eco Lifestyle will constantly move towards innovating ways to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers to our core business and promote conscious retail as our values have remained grounded at every step."

- Luciano Levy, founder.

Our team